The mother of one cried out on Instagram as she found flies in her son's room for the second time.

What she wrote;  tontoletWoke up to Over 1000 life flies in my sons room(for the 2nd time with no open exit or entrance,no rotten item),The devil is aliar..

For over 4months now it's been one spiritual battle or another.. Today I decide to make this public,WE ARE NOT SCAREDūüé§

Today I pray with the authority bestowed upon me by the almighty God that "No Weapon formed
against me nor my Son shall prosper..Any tongue that rises against Us shall Die,It is said in his Word "I will Curse those who curse you,The battle is mine says the lord!!! Continue;

King-Andre any curse from your fathers house by your father and his people Or any other house(Mine or Foes) shall never locate you and back to sender Ijn.Amen

May all efforts to snatch yours/Life be

tontoletLord this is your fight,Come take your PLACE IN OUR HOME!!

#PRAYFORKING #EVILLOST #LOVE #MYBABY #HOLYSPIRIT # JESUS #GOD #GODOVERALL #WEWILLDANCE #WEWILLSHINE #THEWORDWORKS #IKWEREBLOOD #HEADTOSTRONG #ONEWITHGOD @pastorpaulmain @pascalamanfo @tbjoshua @majidmichelmm @realtalkkim @bishopjakes @joycemeyer I need you all now more than ever before.

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