The troublesome ex-convict and self-declared international journalist shared this photo on his instagram account hours ago and captioned;

"This #Hausa girl is the daughter of a famous legislator. She is an open LESBIAN. In 2013, her father was one of the MOST instrumental federal lawmaker to pass the #Nigerian anti-gay law. I have
nothing against gays. I grew up with plenty of them in North America.

Who is he and did you know that northern Nigeria has the most homosexuals in #Nigeria? #hnngayvoices

Best answer wins."

When some of her followers disapproved of her sharing the photos, she in her usual manner began schooling them on the ethics of social media and journalism.

She also stated that she is proud to share it because she supports homosexuality,even though the girl's dad is an hypocrites for taking part in the passing of the 2013 antigay law.

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