Tiger Woods has reportedly set his lawyers on a porn site after it published explicit nude photos of him and Lindsey Vonn.
The nude photos posted on the site were obtained after Vonn's phone was hacked. They include photos of Woods which he sent to the Olympic gold-medalist skier when they were still in a relationship.
The nude photos did not show the faces of the couple but the bodies seen bear striking resemblance to them. Vonn purportedly appears in 22 of the nude images on the site while two of the private images
resemble Woods though the face was obscure. In one photo, the man is seen shirtless on a golf course, holding a club. In the other, he is totally nude, facing forward and apparently taking a photo in a full-length mirror.
In several of the selfies, the woman believed to be Vonn is fully nude save for a pair of snow boots. Other images show the naked front and back of what appears to be the same woman. Other photos in the gallery include Vonn and Woods in fully-clothed selfies, and one image of the pair posing for a photo, looking close.  A video, purportedly also of Vonn in a bath, has also been leaked on the site, although her face isn't so clear.
Other celebrities whose hacked photos appear on the site include Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and Katharine McPhee.
Woods is reportedly furious about the leak and is demanding that the site remove the images or face his wrath. American Idol winner and actress Katharine McPhee, whose nudes was also leaked by the site, is reportedly gearing up to take legal action against them.

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