Dear IG, get involved. Do not let an innocent girl die in vain. It was said that he raped her before he removed some of her body parts. He was caught red handed in the act and didn't deny it. The girl was just 7! How then did he escape from police custody? This has been the question on so many people's lips. Dear IG, get involved, let people believe in the police again. People on social media are already saying it's an 'in-house' thing, Dear IG, prove them wrong.

So today people in their hundreds protested the escape of an alleged undergraduate ritualists who killed a 7-year old girl and was handed over to the police. They came out to Eliozu, were they sang
and demanded the suspect must be re-arrested and brought to book.

That's the suspect in the left photo above and a photo from the protest on the right.

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