Okibe Olivia who posted photos from her introduction ceremony, has shed more light about her marriage break up with hopes that it will help women learn from her mistake.
According to Olivia she agreed to marry Malaysia-based Augustine Emeka AKA Emoney, due to poverty. After the introduction ceremony, she realised that she made a terrible mistake as she suffered depression for three and half months (from February to May 2017). 
Read her post below...

Who doesn't know us ?
I flaunted him up and down , I loved him with my heart and was ready to be the best wife ever to my man , only to find out ten thousand reasons why I should decamp . No matter the money thrown on me.
See, yes I fell for him and started loving him though with some doubts in me , but the power of money is something else ,chai God punish poverty I swear.
I want to apologize to thousands of my close friends that wrote me privately, publicly and through calls so that I can pull my post down and die the story . But I said noooooooooo
And when I say noooo, I mean real noooooo
My mind is made up , to share the story from the beginning to the end with nothing but sincerity of heart.
I rather die sharing the whole story than die as a coward with the story untold .
Before I took this bold step , I ve analyzed it very well and I know I can do or handle whatever that comes out of it because am equal to task and I got a lot of backups .
Now listen ,
Am not sharing my story to Pain anybody ; neither am I revenging him , nooooooo. Never; revenge is of God and not mine.
Even if I had decided to revenge physically, my retaliation won't be half of the damage he caused me in life except I killed him and payed with his life but because I didn't create him , I have no right to take his life .
So I left revenge for God that delivered me from the Lion's Den.
I suffered depression for 3months plus half a month (from February to May 2017) but am free now , completely free .
If not , I wouldn't be proud saying my story .
My reason of writing out my ugly experience with the Malaysian based guy hustler is because of other girls, a lot of girls are falling victim on daily basis .
Hear/ read my story , learn your lessons and be wise .
After you are done with my story and you didn't receive sense then I bet you , Holyghost fire needs to fall on you .
Meanwhile, am not pained oooooh; neither do I want him back , Never

So , please don't get it twisted . Don't forget I was the one that walked away ......
I want to save some girls from some shits .
To be continued...

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