Mel B’s estranged husband has told pals he is “happy” the Spice Girl has found a new boyfriend although he is worried she has already introduced him to their kids. According to reports in the US, Scary Spice is now dating a Beverly Hills police officer.

The 42-year-old mum-of-three has been secretly dating the cop for the last few months, following her bitter separation from husband Stephen Belafonte in April.

Speaking to a friend, her film producer ex said: “I’m glad the relationship is over and that Mel has moved on in getting on with her life but I hope she’s not bringing him around the children.”

A source close to the film producer said Belafonte, 42, feels it may be too soon for the couple’s kids to see either parent in a new relationship.

“Divorce papers were only filed in March and the court still has to decide on final custody arrangements,” the source told the Mirror.

“It’s confusing to the children and not healthy for the children to be exposed to either parent’s new relationships while they are still adjusting to the divorce.”

The former couple has one daughter together, Madison Brown Belafonte, five, and Belafonte raised step-daughter Angel, 10, as his own.

Since the split Mel has refused her ex to allow him to contact Angel despite court papers stating he was the only father she has known since birth.

Lawyers for the former couple are due at a hearing today (Thursday) to discuss custody of the children, Belafonte’s request for visitation with Angel and when their divorce will be heard.

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