Police in India have arrested a Nigerian woman identified as Evelyn Uzodinma for the death of her boyfriend, a Nigerian named Godfrey Izzu Chibueze.
Evelyn allegedly stabbed Godfrey, 30, during a quarrel outside their house in west Delhi on Saturday afternoon. She then rushed him to a hospital where he died of excessive bleeding. The suspect was
taken into custody at the hospital and it was caught on camera.

Chibueze, who ran a garments business, and Evelyn, who operated a food stall, reportedly lived together at a rented house in Uttam Nagar’s D block and were known to quarrel often. Investigation revealed that the couple had a fight around 2 p.m. on Saturday before Godfrey's death. Neighbours also told police they saw the couple fighting and punching each other. According to a police officer, during the fight, the woman picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed Chibueze on his left hand, causing him to bleed excessively.
Police have registered a murder case against Evelyn while awaiting for an autopsy report for further clarity on Chibueze’s death.
Watch her arrest below...


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