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Why would I want you to have a blog?

Okay, okay. Depending on what background you come from, blogging may sound like a waste of

When I talk about blogging, I don't mean filling out your personal journal for others to see. I'm talking about writing high-quality articles on subjects people care about and solving their problems. This kind of blogging is what makes you money.

Top bloggers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and some of these guys started only a few years back.

Even if that's not your main motivator, you'll:

    Build credibility online and establish your expertise
    Become a better writer and thinker
    Get more client-work
    Make your resume stand out
    Learn new things
    Have a blast while doing it

If you're still not convinced, I recommend you read this post: 46 Reasons You Should Start a Blog Today

Cheers, To your Blogging Success.

Kevin Djakpor

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