A schoolboy has died after sipping liquid meth in front of border patrol officers to prove to them that it was apple juice.
16-year-old Cruz Velazquez, a Mexican high school student, is believed to be a drug mule for a Mexican drug Cartel. He was told his sister would be killed if he failed to cross the border and deliver the drugs.
CCTV footage shows Cruz taking small sips of the highly toxic drug after he was stopped at customs when he was trying to get into the US. Customs officers are seen in the video encouraging him to
drink some more of the liquid substance. They then exchanged knowing glances among themselves and smiled because they knew what it was and were not fooled by the boy's actions.
Minutes after sipping the drugs, Cruz started sweating profusely and shaking as his blood pressure rose. Unable to stand, he fell on the floor and began to convulse while screaming in pain. He called out in Spanish, screaming “my heart”, “my sister”, and “my cousin”. He was rushed to a hospital, handcuffed to a trolley, where he died within two hours of a “massive overdose”. It was later discovered that the contents of the bottles were 100?????? times stronger than a typical dose of methamphetamine.
The incident reportedly happened 3 years ago but the CCTV footage is just being released to the public. The US Customs and Border Protection officers involved in the shocking incident, Adrian Parellon and Valerie Baird, have not been reprimanded or prosecuted and are still in their jobs today. They were accused in a lawsuit of outrageous conduct that put the teenager’s life in jeopardy. They were also accused of failing to conduct a test on the liquid but they denied the allegations and said the teenager volunteered to drink the drugs.
Liquid methamphetamine is a powerful and highly-addictive drug that is dissolved into an amber liquid for transportation. Cruz was carrying two bottles, provided by one of the ruthless cartels which run drugs out of Mexico.

Video below...

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