While a BBC News at Ten anchor, Sophie Raworth, was LIVE on air, viewers were shocked at what a 'behind the scene' worker was watching on his computer, just yards behind the presenter.
The worker who had headphones on, while sitting in his chair, was seen watching a PG movie which showed a woman remove her bra in a scene. 
The actress was wearing a black jumper while standing over a man during the clip which could be seen on Monday evening.
In what is believed to be an action movie, she then removed her bra to reveal her breasts.

A television source said: 'This has gone down like a lead balloon at the BBC. It is totally unprofessional.
About 3.8million viewers watched the show and a lot of people had a lot to say about it.
One person tweeted:
'@BBCNews why is there a porn video playing behind one of your news anchors during a report?'

'It beggars belief a sex scene should be played live on air. The employee is on borrowed time when bosses catch up with him.'

A viewer identified as Lyndsey Robinson took to Facebook to talk about the issue writing:

'Did anyone else notice news last night on BBC??? I was seeing things...but just re-wached On iplayer...nope I definitly saw what I thought I had.'

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