An oversexed man was caught on tape driving and having sex with a female passenger while on a busy highway in Moscow. The raunchy scene was captured by another car on the road and shared online.

The video immediately grasped attention after it was posted by the Mash public group on a major Russian social network. The car in which the sex scene had played out was a Hyundai so some joked that he was living the Hyundai motto which is 'New Thinking. New Possibilities'.Other wondered
how he was able to be attentive to his partner and to the task of driving without one suffering.

"This guy is a true Caesar. He is doing several things at the same time, he is driving his car and having sex. We only hope that this risky couple did not break any traffic rules. We do not recommend repeating it," the Mash public group wrote while sharing the video.
See the video below...

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