She posted a video of them together and told people who intend to leave a negative comment not to dare. She says he is one of her very close friends and she has named him the ‘untouchable’. She however left a sermon after the video telling intending haters they don’t have one important person in their lives, so they should watch it. What she wrote below…

This young man right here is a friend who has become family . Leave him for me . I love him dearly and nothing anyone can say will change that . Not even if he offends me . There are a few people in
my life who I describe as " untouchable " and he is one of them .please keep your stupid unsolicited advise and opinions away from me . Truth is I will tell him what you said, so don't bother . I don't have many friends, the few I have don't mess with them . I love @pelsinternational if you don't like it ........ GO TO HELL AND BURN TO ASHES !!!!! #realfriends #brotherandsister #brotherfromanothermother #riverspeople #kingOfBeauty #QueenOfQueens #SomeofyoucantCountOneGoodPersonInYourLife #jealouscat

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