Former Cross river governor, Donald Duke has been in the news for his comments on the state of the nation and the reticence of the youth to take matters into our hands and build the future of our dreams. Most noteworthy is his observation that we behave like tenants in our own country. This comment certainly won't go down well with the tyrannical landlords who reap disproportionate benefits from the current system and wish for us to remain subservient to their whims and caprices.

The government is there to serve the people of which the younger generation constitute a significantly large percentage, in a proper democratic setting, we employ them and reserve the right
to hire and fire at will.

They don't do us a favour when they carry out their duties, they are only doing what they are paid to do and where they shirk these responsibility, it is for us demand accountability. Why do we applaud mediocrity? What has any leader in this country done that is out of this world? Have they given us manna from heaven and water from a rock? Democratic dividends are a right not a privilege and until we demand what's ours, we'll continue to pay rent in our own house.

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