Today is Mercy Johnson's husband's birthday. To wish Prince Odi Okojie well on his special day, the actress wrote a unique, heartfelt love note to her husband and father of her three children.

The actress shared a video collage featuring Odi on different occasions. In the caption, she wrote that she and the celebrant have been able to last this long because of the trust and patience they have for each other. She went on to state that she would rather live without breathing than live without her husband.

She wrote: 
Every woman's fate changes once they get married cus two destinies mix but my destiny can't cry on me cus ur love is with me.
I have memorised you like a verse in the Holy Bible and I mention you like a prayer.
True love means everything ,but for me True Love Simply Means You.
You understand me even when I say nothing.
We have used Trust as brick and Patience as a Cement to build our home,as sometimes love isn't enough.
Everyone falls in love yet not every love is passionate but you are the Fragrance in my breath.
I am certain that I can live a few moments without breathing but I can't live without you as every breath I take,reminds me of You.
I love u,not for a moment nor for a day but for a lifetime.
I love u so much that my heart skips of excitement
I don't want to be ur Need,I want to be ur desire.
HBD MY HOPE @princeodiokojie

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