Kris Jenner, 61, is ready to be the surrogate for her daughter Kim Kardashian's baby. Kim, who suffers from placenta accreta which causes birth complications, wants to have a third child and on Sunday night's Keeping Up With the Kardashians two family members stepped up to help her realize her dream.

In the episode Kim, 36, asks her sexagenarian mother if she will carry the child for her, after discovering that the matriarch was cleared medically for a pregnancy at her age.

Kim bluntly asked her mom, following the revelation that Kris was healthy enough to carry a baby:
‘Do you want to carry mine?'

‘If I really thought that I could carry it for you and it would be born OK, I would do it in two seconds, I really would,’ her mother said sweetly, before insisting: ‘But it’s really dangerous.’

‘I already offered myself so don’t act like you’re the only Mother Theresa in here,’ Kourtney teased her with a smile.

The conversation began when Kris was approached by a mysterious aristocrat seeking to use the reality star's genes to have a child.

During the episode it emerged an anonymous European aristocrat wanted to buy an egg from family matriarch Kris to model his baby after her ‘successful and outstanding offspring’ who he believes would ‘fit seamlessly into their royal lineage.’

The mother of six was stunned at getting a formal letter from a law office representing a ‘highly esteemed Royal of European descent whose further identity will remain anonymous.’

My client and his wife have tried unsuccessfully for years to have their own children, and request herein the opportunity to speak with you about egg donation,’ the letter read.

‘Your impressive track record in producing successful and outstanding offspring has attracted my client’s interest in your genetics. He and his wife believe that an offspring with your DNA will fit seamlessly into their royal lineage.’

Despite daughter Kim Kardashian insisting her mother ‘should go for it, seriously,’ everyone initially laughed it off, with Kris — who also admitted she fears she will soon need a hip replacement — quipping: ‘Do you know how old my egg would be?’

’It’s definitely a compliment that somebody wants to purchase your eggs — but she’s 61, I don’t think she has any eggs,’ Kourtney Kardashian, 38, insisted later to camera, calling the offer 'absolutely ridiculous.’

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