Popular actress Eniola Badmus has told Sunday Scoops, that cyberbullies are naturally bitter people who need help. She went further to say, they are  people who can’t dare say half of what they say to their ‘victims’ online when they meet with them face-to-face. In her words she said;

“I am very comfortable in my own skin and I love myself. I don’t even bother reading comments because I know that some people are just naturally bitter and they actually need help. Many of the people you see who are so full of anger online actually deserve our pity. So whenever I come across
such people, I don’t even argue with them or reply. I just ‘jump and pass’ and say a prayer for them. Besides, many of these people cannot even utter half of what they say online if they come face-to-face with you; they are just cowards.”

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