Believe it or not, the woman above is 49-years-old and she has a 22-year-old son who looks like her age mate. Liu Yelin has been called China's fittest mum because of how young and fit she looks.

Photos of the almost 50-year-old mother showing off her toned frame have gone viral since it hit the

The mother, who is from Xinyang city in central China’s Henan Province, has a flawless skin and well-sculpted cheekbones that younger women envy. People mostly make the mistake of thinking Liu is the girlfriend of her grown son.

Speaking on the secret to her enviable physique, Liu reveals that it didn't come easy and she had to work for it. She works out for two hours every day. She loves running, swimming and boxing and makes time to engage in them all.  Liu advised that it is important to mix up different forms of exercise so that the body gets cardiovascular as well as strength training. She started working out seriously when she was 30 and is pleased with the result.

She learnt to swim very late -when she was already 30 - but she has become so good at it that last year, she swam across the Malacca Strait between Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra – a distance of around 37 miles. In September she plans to swim the Han River in Seoul, South Korea.

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