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'Pastor Bugingo Burns Thousands of Holy Bibles at Makerere Kikoni

City Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer ministries located in Makerere, Kikoni, on Easter Monday set thousands of Holy Bibles ablaze because they are ‘misleading’ his congregation. The congregation consists of people from all works of life but has a majority of campus students that hail from Makerere University and institutes of higher learning in Wandegeya.

The Salt FM and TV proprietor has over time condemned the use of ‘edited’ versions of the Bible. He says that Bibles like The King Jame’s version, the New Testament, The Good News Bible have been tampered with and some verses omitted.Pastor Bugingo says that the lines talking about the Fasting and Lent, in general, were erased and that the word “ Holy Ghost ” appears a whopping 99 times yet the word “Holy Spirit” appears only seven times. He, therefore, requested members of his congregation to collect all the said Bible versions and set them ablaze.

Pastor Bugingo Pastor Bugingo enjoys a crowd of between 3000 to 6000 people who attend prayers at his church on a daily.Bugingo also says that he has a crowd of between 10,000 to 15,000 followers in his congregation on Sundays'

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