Light skinned actress, Adunni Ade has said there is so much negativity in Nigeria, and she is not talking about the country itself, but YOU. Lol, forgive me for putting the YOU in capital letters, it’s just hilarious to me. She says ever since social media came to be, it has been a battle of the data. Who can wash who down the more, lol. Her undiluted words below….Hahaha but for real, if this is true,
people should stop o. Do you wash people down? Oya stop, lol.

If we had the power to see other people's lives and how it's being lived, kassala go buss! So much negativity out here in this country(yea, talking about Nigeria) You see men becoming children once again and women just plain uncontrollable all in the name of "Social Media" . Who can outshine who in using their "data" in bashing fellow human beings. I am certainly not a saint but damn, let "cyber bullying " not be amongst your offense(s) counted against you on the day of judgement. How you wan take explain am? I was jealous because she is light skinned, I was upset he is rich. C'mon! I have said this severally, focus on you o and you only! Better yourself so you can have mouth to encourage others. No need for name calling, bashing , evil plots... It is hurtful! No one holy pass! ... But then again, what do I know? Let me continue with my work.... and action! 🎬πŸŽ₯Y'all have a blessed day ahead 🚢🏼♀️🚢🏼♀️

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