An atomic bomb strikes an American city, sending a gigantic red hot mushroom cloud taking off into the sky in a chilling World War 3 reenactment disclosed in North Korea.

The stressing purposeful publicity video was discharged as strains kept on ascending between Kim Jong-un's undercover nation and the US.

The dictator utilized the 'Day of the Sun' celebration - denoting the birthday of his late granddad and tha country's author, Kim Il-Sung, to flaunt the quality of the North Korean armed force.

The irritating film demonstrates a rocket, accepted to be an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), wiping out an unspecified American city.

The sickening video - execution of the Korean State Merited Chorus, additionally demonstrates the American Stars and Stripes on fire covered with a picture of a burial ground.

The choir uncovered another melody about the nation's rockets which incorporate the words "our pleased Hwasong rocket takes off" and "it flies as fast as a blaze of lightning to test colonialism".

North Korea endeavored however neglected to dispatch a rocket on Sunday, the day after the military parade where what had all the earmarks of being new ballistic rockets were shown.

"The North endeavored to dispatch a unidentified rocket from close to the Sinpo locale at the beginning of today yet it is suspected to have fizzled," the South's Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in an announcement.

The US likewise affirmed the rocket test.p

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