A self-acclaimed Lagos big boy Wasiu Adekunle Oladimeji a.k.a Ejanla, who visited Rubies Lounge, a nightclub in club, absconded after taking drinks worth N1.1Million.

It was gathered that the incident happened on Friday, 7th April 2017. According to the gist on the official Instagram handle of the nightclub, Wasiu alleged that the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
'swallowed' his card, when he was asked to pay for the drinks he took.

Here's the full gist below...
"****CRIMINAL ALERT!!!****
The above named Wasiu Adekunle Oladimeji (aka Ejanla) visited a club @rubieslounge on friday 7th of April and purchased drinks worth 1.1million Naira and when it was time to pay he suggested using the ATM machine to transfer straight to the company's account then he came up wit the 'Atm Machine has Swallowed My card' stories. 
So we decided to keep him in the hotel behind the club till 9am when he claims first bank will operate and he will make the transfer..
To cut the story short he absconded.. Pls any 1 with useful information about his whereabout should please contact us on 08059301160 or 08133248800... You shall be rewarded bountifully.. Thank you"

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