Sonia, wife to Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, has taken to Instagram to school those complaining about how she dresses. The actor's wife told those hating on her to quit doing that, or see her migrate to Namibia where she can walk naked and free.

She further said that, even though Namibians are naked, they don't do half evil
those who are complaining commit, when they're fully covered. Here's what she wrote;

"So next time my "highly moral" people decide that my dressing is not appropriate enough for standards of an "African culture",I will just carry my load and immigrate to Namibia and ask this amazing Himba tribe to adopt me 😂 So I can walk naked and free. I can bet you,as naked as they are,they don't do as half of evil that y'all commit while fully covered up .
Original heritage is so powerful 😍 Don't let it die of completely in the name of westernization. #himba I don't think there is anything barbaric about them and I am so sure,there is so much be learned from such civilizations."
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