How Oba Ewuare II Is Turning Benin from Ancient to Digital City
The ancient city of Benin is gradually growing into a developed and technologically driven kingdom since the coronation of His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II, N’Ogidigan.
Some top palace chiefs still harbor believe that the Oba is an incarnate of Oba Ewuare the first who ruled the kingdom 1440 AD to 1473 AD and greatly expanded the arts and increased trade during his reign.

Logical is the fact that Oba Ewuare II has unveiled plans to further develop the Kingdom by setting up an Alternative Dispute Court and an Alternative Market to carter for the needs of the people.
Oba Ewuare who is a descendant of Oba Erediauwa may no doubt be likened to truly be an offspring of his ancestors who have laid the foundation for a strong cultural and traditional system which for years have been kept and cherished.

The Oba who has this belief of taken care of those whom he rule over has begin the establishment of an Alternative Market which would sell food items at discount prices and also feed the people of the kingdom.

Oba Ewuare said the market will provide for the needs as well as feed the poor in the society once on a daily basis while a weekly market will also be set up to carter for the needs of other individuals in the state.

The monarch is putting plans in place to ensure that the annual memorial lecture of Oba Erediauwa is started soon to sustain the legacies already laid down.

“Personally, I will do my best to build on the legacies left behind by my father”. The Oba stated.

The Oba who has always been at the forefront of the developing the state has declared war on Community Development Association, CDA who were known for their nefarious activities to developers in the state.

He banned the CDA and sent a letter to the Edo state government to establish a law prohibiting land grabbers from flouting the orders. Apart from traditional sanctions that will be melted on defaulters, the law has stipulated at least 10 years for anyone found guilty.

Governor Godwin Obaseki has already proven historical maniacs wrong by fully supporting the sanctions of the Oba and respecting his plans to develop the kingdom. This is in view of the fact that the Oba has emerged a spiritual and royal father to Obaseki who seek counsel on issue as it affects the state and lasting solution to be proffered them.

Displaying his fatherly nature, the monarch offered jobs at Oba farm to those who were formerly engaged in the activities of the CDA noting that “We have been able to achieve some sort of relationship with some corporate bodies to deal on agriculture which will attract our youth”.

“We want to set up massive discount stock that will be able to meet the needs of those that can’t afford to buy products from the usual market. We will establish an alternative market to carter for individual with lesser needs.

The Monarch said with the support of Non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, “I am happy to inform you that we have been able to secure a venue where we would have a pilot scheme to see how it will work.

“We will put a system in place that can feed the people at least a meal a day and sustain it”.

Oba Ewuare who wants the best for the people of the state stressed that the plan to develop the Gelegele Trade Free Zone is still on point. The Oba and Governor Godwin Obaseki are partnering to ensure that factors that will militate against the kick off is resolved to ensure development of the place.

Like in the old, the Oba has plans to set up an Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve communal issues which normally end up in court. Oba Ewuare said it will be in form of a customary court which will have lawyers seat on issues with a view to resolve them.

The Oba wants to bring back the use of Bini language and culture at all level of education as a way of reviving the Bini rich cultural heritage that were in systemic decay.

He also challenged all parents in the kingdom home and abroad to encourage and assist their wards to speak and write in Bini language as means of identification and promotion of Bini culture.

No wonder the Oba is regarded as Ogidigan (Great) because his doings are true replica of what was attainable during the reign of Oba Ewuare I, who was a great warrior king and strategist, and maintained control of the government and to defeat many of his enemies through Traditional Edo Medicine and magic.

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