Unbelievable! Impossible! They have come again! These ‘yahoo-yahoo boys!’ How? I guess these are some of the thoughts and questions that may be passing through your mind now. Well, I won’t blame you, especially with the collapse of MMM and other numerous Ponzi schemes. I can however assure you that with a one-time investment of only N20, 000 you can indeed make at least N1.5m on or before the end of this year through network marketing…guaranteed!
Question: How?
Answer: Register with our network through our website (www.omhng.com) with the sum of N20, 000 and bring in four persons. Work with them to make sure they
duplicate your effort by bringing their own four persons each. As each new entrant at each levels, brings in their four persons, you will move from level 1 to 2, 3…6 where you will be entitled to the sum of N1.2M.
Question: I thought you said at least N1.5m, how come you’re mentioning N1.2m?
Answer: The N1.2m is the payment for the final stage or level 6 only. If you add all the total cash to be won from stage 1-5, assuming you’re not interested in collecting any items, you would have made a total of N2, 153,000, on or before the end of this year!
Question: What are these items?
Answer: They include; Microwave oven, Android Phone, 4 sides Oven Gas burner, 42” LED T.V. Split Unit AC & 3.8 KVA Generator, etc.
Question: Hmnn…you make sound easy, but I suspect it’s not.
Answer: Actually, it’s not too difficult even though it’s not easy. All it takes is for you to be committed and ready to work by building your team. Besides, you don’t get millions by folding your hands and even the Bible says “He who would not work should not eat”
Question: Hope this is not a Ponzi scheme? I have lost a lot of money in MMM and other numerous ones.
Answer: No, it’s not. It is network marketing…using your interpersonal or social relationships to sell a product or offer a service. You may not know it, but millions of common people all over the world are becoming millionaires through the power of network marketing.
Question: But I don’t like talking to people and trying to persuade someone is not easy.
Answer: I am sure we all have family and relations, neighbours, friends, colleagues, Church/Mosque members who we talk to. We can at least discuss the idea with them. Remember, it’s millions we’re talking about here. Besides, bringing in people is a team or collective effort, but you must be ready to work…there’s no free lunch even in Freetown.
Question: But how can I be sure that this is not a scam?
Answer: it is not, trust me. Our office location is at God’s Favour Plaza, opposite Kom Chop, Jakpa road, Ekpan-Effurun, Delta State. I advise you check our website at www.omhng.com for more info.
Question: What should I do to register?
Answer: log on to our website www.omhng.com, click on the matrix and fill our registration   form
Question: So how much is it to join the network?
Answer: it’s a onetime payment of N20, 000.
Question: How do I pay?
Answer: Copy our account details from our website after registration and pay in.
Question: Any other thing I need to know?
Answer: Type in (infomazltd@gmail.com) as your sponsor, as you cannot join the network without a referral. You will have the advantage of  being part of a fast growing team. Check our “FAQ” and “How it Works” for details or call 08127535149 for any other info.
You shall succeed.
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