Football legend Diego Maradona was a 'beast' on the football field, but who would have thought the former Barcelona, Napoli and Argentina player/coach was also a 'beast' in bed? Well so says his ex-partner and mother of his child, Veronica Ojeda.

Maradona, Argentina's greatest football player of all time has a son, Diego Fernando, with Ojeda. Ojeda has now revealed that Maradona, who she had an 8 year relationship with, was so good in bed that she didn't have sex with any other man for two years after breaking up with him.
“Diego was the best lover I had and he says the same thing about me,” Ojeda told an Argentine radio station.

“Nobody beats him. I didn’t have sex for two years after him. The best night of my life was with Diego. We were in the Caribbean, on a deserted beach you could only reach by boat.
“The love of my life was without doubt Diego. I’ve always said so. I give him 10 out of 10 in bed. Oral sex, on a scale of one to ten, eight. There was real passion between us.”
“Diego used to ask me to dress up as a woman police officer. I’ve still got the fancy dress costume. And others as well.
“We once had sex in a swimming pool at a party in Colombia which was full of people. I don’t know if anyone realized what was going on.”

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