Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Lovén who is popular for saving helpless children in Akwa Ibom and became even more famous for picking up a boy, Hope who was left to die because his people already branded him a witch. Anja picked him up, and today, Hope looks very healthy and has even started school. What many however do not know is that, beautiful Anja is married to a Nigerian. She took to Facebook where she praised her husband of 4 years. Her words below...

'Side by side for more than four years now. It's been such a long road and we have faced so many challenges. But you taught me that only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
Storms hit our weakness, but unlock our true strength.
Forever my hero David Emmanuel Umem ❤️'

Some people have been saying the lady is older, I don’t know what concerns them with that. But me, I am seeing it from another angle, that guy must be a baddo, look at the smile on her face. Lol, when I mean baddo, not that he is bad o, ladies you sure understand what I mean? Mild cough, zips my coke and walks away.

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