The Transgender community are calling for Chimamanda Adichie's head on a platter following her statement on Trans women.
Leading the brigade is Nigerian transgender, Miss Sahhara. Taking to her Facebook page, the Benue state-born beauty queen said she is disappointed in the writer. She called on Ms Adichie to come speak to her so she can teach her what it feels like to be a transwoman..."to be beaten up, harrassed and tormented for being womanly"
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on channel 4 News saying transwomen are not women, they are 'transwomen' because they have enjoyed certain male privileges growing up! Ahhhhh I am fuming, these TERF feminist always think they are above all women who don't fit into their narrative of what a woman should be. What happened to being inclusive and tolerant of all women, no matter their life histories? You are doing the exact same thing some men have done to women since life began by discriminating and rejecting transwomen....... Not all transwomen lived as men, not all transwomen married women and have children or fit into the macho misogynistic world of testosterone. Many of us are so feminine we were classed as female, many of us lived as girls even though the society and our birth certificates says differently, we were beaten up, harassed, and tormented for being womanly. Many of us never enjoyed any form of male privileges growing up..... Come and speak to me, I'll teach you about what it feels like to be a transwoman..... I am very disappointed in you for picking Germain Greerer's and Jenni Murray's side without thinking seriously about what you are saying, I used to look up to you!...... I define myself, you or no one have the right to invalidate my self definition. You don't wear the shoes, therefore you don't know where it hurts.! If feminism discriminates against anyone, then I vehemently refused to be one!"

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