It doesn’t take too long to realise that your husband/ partner was just infatuated by your looks and doesn’t love you deeply for life. These fickle minded guys need to be dorged a lot of times before committing with them in a relationship. They get too desparate to know if the girl has same feelings for them and when they are confirmed that she would never leave them, they lose interest. It is time for women to check if the man has genuine feelings for them so that it isn’t too late to part ways. Here are some signs that your husband does not like you.

Signs that your husband does not like you are:

1.He is always busy for you but has all the time for his friends, family and colleagues. He looks very happy all the time and hardly feels for not meeting or talking to you.

2.Whenever you talk to him, he has no topics to dicuss with you. His words lack love and you feel it to be very general, as though you are talking to a stranger.

3.You always find him busy on phone, frequent messaging and social networking. He loves travelling with friends or alone and dresses up differently.

4.Whenever you discuss about making a family, he finds reasons to skip from responsibilities. Husbands, who no longer want to continue will not want children from the partner. You often find them cribbing and feeling bad for making a choice of marrying you.

5.These husbands hardly remember birthdays and all those sweet moments, as they are more keen on building a new future.
These are the signs that your husband does not like you

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