Blogger Janet Charleston is friends with actress Megan Markle and claimed in a blind item posted on her site, insinuated that Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton isn't that excited about Harry’s new GF Meghan Markle. I don't believe it though (just gossip) but read what she wrote below...

Let’s say you’re dating a royal guy and you’re super into each other, and you’ve been staying with him, and he’s really serious about you, the most serious he’s been about anyone.

He lives in the same complex with someone he’s very close to. And the person he’s close to has a partner too. You and she don’t know each other well. But since you’ve been staying there, you run into each other one day. And you tell her you’re going shopping and where.
She says she’s going shopping too and leaves in the car. You head out on foot. Turns out, she went shopping exactly where you went shopping. And she knew that’s where you were going. But she didn’t offer you a ride.
Is that weird? Maybe it’s not that weird. But considering who they are, it IS super gossipy.

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