A 101-year-old man in Haryana, northern India has made a remarkable claim that he is still intimately active up to three times a night.

Ramjet Ragav also confessed that he is looking for love after his wife Sakuntala, who is 36 years younger than him, left him, taking their youngest child with her.

Speaking to local media, Ramjet said: "I am over 100 now but I have nobody with me. My life seems so meaningless now. I could have enjoyed the happiness of life if I had my wife and children with me."
Ramjet, his wife Shakuntala and their two children
Ramjet first made international headlines after fathering his first son at the age of 94 and again he second son at the age of 96.

However, his first son, Vikramjeet, disappeared four years ago when he was just three years old and is believed to have been kidnapped.

The couple with their first child
Ramjet said that he does not know where his wife went to and that it is now three years since she left with his youngest son.

The centenarian now lives alone in a single-roomed house and says he is lonely as no one has time to spend with him.

Ramjet says he's looking for love

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