Derry Flynn McCann, 28, who was charged to court for raping a woman just hours before his wedding has confessed to the crime.

McCann had accosted his victim outside an East London park on January 13 as she was going home from an art gallery where she had been with friends. She had avoided walking through the middle of the park because that was too dangerous, she walked around the side, but unfortunately when near the exit of the park and just within sight of her home, McCann grabbed her arm and pulled her to one
side where he raped her violently for two hours.

 The Snaresbrook Crown Court was told that McCann played mind games with his victim, taunting her and asking what she thought he would do next before carrying out the attacks. After assaulting her, McCann also snatched her mobile phone and bra, then hours later, he was in church, tying the knot with his pregnant partner.

 This assault comes a decade after a teenage McCann was jailed for carrying out a prolonged rape attack out in a park in London, it is understood. McCann pleaded guilty to three counts of rape, one count of assault by penetration and one count of robbery. He will be sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on April 28.

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