An ex-stripper who wants to run for presidential election has ben arrested for hitting the campaign trail topless.

Cindy Lee, 52, who is running for the Pleasure Party in France, was dishing out pamphlets and talking to voters while sporting hotpants and tassels over each nipple.

The risque candidate is standing on an anti-corruption ticket, calling for more transparency in

But she soon faced the wrath of the authorities with no less than 30 riot cops turning up to arrest her.

Talking to LCI she said: “We are here to demand transparency when it comes to corruption, and this outfit justifies transparency

“I advocate the well-being of the individual in society, putting people at the centre of politics.”

As well as talking to reporters, she stopped motorists to hand out her manifesto, which includes measures to help voters enjoy a great sex life.

But her cheeky bid to gain support was rudely interrupted – when 30 riot police officers led her away.

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