Shakar EL, a music act has called flavour out on social media for refusing to collaborate with him. According to him, he has known flavour all his life and his friends and family wonder why he hasn’t done a collaboration with him in order to get his music more out there. But Shakar  says it’s not his fault and people should ask flavour why. What he wrote;

It frustrates me every time, the media,fans,friends and even family ask me to collaborate with Flavour,they make it look like I Dont put enough efforts in my career to make some things happen
especially when it comes to collaboration. Let it be known that I have known Flavour almost all my life and even went to school with him at a stage and we have been close friends back in the days before he blew up.
We Dont have any issues and he has always said we are going to work together at least I have been pushing for that since 2011 and i have moved on from that to focus on grind because it is not up to me,you people need to be asking him and stop asking me because I will start blocking friends that ask me that same boring question all the time and I won't answer such questions in any interview again, Ask my old friend Flavour why we are yet to work? Stop Frustrating my life with that Question... God's Time is the Best,he knows when and how my breakthrough will come thru,I just need to keep working hard on my Music... God bless all my supporters!! Shakar Nwa Mama!

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